Test Blueprint

ONCC Test Blueprint

Psychosocial Dimensions of Care (10%)

A. Principles of growth and development
B. Effects of acute and chronic illness on the child and family
C. Patient and family support
D. Psychosocial adaptation of the child and family
E. Cultural and spiritual beliefs and rituals
F. Reintegration issues related to daily life
G. Loss, grief, and bereavement
H. Family systems theory
I. Community resources

Disease Related Biology (10%)

A. Types of childhood cancers
B. Types of hematologic disorders
C. Pathophysiology
D. Staging and grading
E. Microbiology
F. Cell cycle
G. Hematopoiesis
H. Anatomy and physiology
I. Immunology
J. Carcinogenesis
K. Genetics (including genomics)
L. Epidemiology
M. Clinical manifestations
N. Infectious diseases
O. Laboratory values
P. Prognostic indicators
Q. Diagnostic procedures

Treatment (23%)

A. Principles
B. Side effects

Supportive Care and Symptom Management (22%)

A. Supportive care measures
B. Pain management
C. Fatigue management
D. Palliative care
E. Interventions for symptom management
F. Central venous access
G. Nutritional alterations
H. System specific alterations
I. Discharge planning

Pediatric Oncologic and Hematologic Emergencies (13%)

A. Emergency management
B. Risk factors, prevention, and management

Long-Term Follow-Up And Survivorship (8%)

A. Impact of diagnosis and treatment
B. Physical effects
C. Psychosocial adaptation
D. Cognitive function
E. Socioeconomic issues

Health Maintenance (2%)

A. Immunizations
B. Health promotion and injury prevention
C. Well child and anticipatory guidance
D. Transition to primary health care

End Of Life Care (6%)

A. Loss, grief, and bereavement
B. Physical care of the dying child
C. Psychosocial care of the dying child
D. Psychosocial care of the family
E. Hospice

Professional Performance (6%)

A. Ethics
B. Cultural competence
C. Therapeutic communication and relationships
D. Regulatory standards and guidelines
E. Healthcare legislation
F. Principles of teaching and learning
G. Professional boundaries
H. Risk management
I. Research and evidence-based practices
J. Professional self-care strategies

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